You got questions, we got answers!

How much is baseball field rentals?

Field rentals are based on 2 hour increments. Fees are based on many factors. How many games required. How many teams in organization are requiring slots. The more you play, the greater the discount per game and per team. For complete pricing, please call the park at 859-581-2300 or send an email to

When does the Spring Season start?

Spring season will start the first week of April. Mondays will be April 2nd. Thursdays, April 4th. Fridays, April 6th. And Sundays, April 8th.

Well how much is the Spring Season?

Spring single season is $375 plus $20 WSL sanction. Spring doubleheaders will be $600 if paid by March 11th. After that, prices go up to $400/8 games and $650/16 games.

How about Spring and Summer?

Currently Spring AND Summer is $600 for 16 games and $1,150 for 32 games (doubleheaders). After March 11th, the cost is $650/16 games and $1,250/32 games. There is also a $20 team sanction for WSL.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards (convenience fee applies(5%)), and bank drafts (convenience fee applies (2%)).